The Problem

After a decade of driving, my "Phone Dial" rims started to look pretty nasty. Rather than replace them ($$$$), or get them powder-coated ($$$), or professionally refinished ($$), I decided to repaint them myself ($).

Materials You Need

I purchased all the products from Griot's Garage:

  • 1 bottle Paint prep (cleans the wheels prior to any paint)
  • 2 cans Zinc primer (prevents corrosion and fills micro-pits)
  • 2 cans Silver metallic paint (genuine German stuff)
  • 2 cans Clear Lacquer (for that deep gloss)
Griot's also provides this handy guide: Wheel Painting


1. First, I placed the car on jacks and took the wheels to my tire place to have the tires removed.

2. Next, I took the rims to my powder coater to have them glass bead blasted. DO NOT SAND BLAST ALLOY RIMS OR YOU WILL PIT THEM!!! This is how they look after bead-blasting.

blasted phone dial

3. Clean the rims with Paint prep, rinse them off, then let them dry.

4. Apply a couple of coats of Zinc primer. Let dry.

5. Apply 2-3 coats of Silver metallic paint.

6. I used some Testor's Flat Black model paint to highlight the Porsche crest in the rim's center. Use flat because it will dry faster, hold the clear coat better, and will appear shiny under the lacquer.

7. After the rims have cured overnight, follow with several coats of Clear lacquer. It dries quickly, so you can reapply a coat every 30 minutes.

8. Finally, polish and wax your new rims, then get everything remounted!!!

Before and After