Pirate on bow of sailboat

Here I am in pirate apparel reading the invocation and holding a bottle of Champagne.

Mighty King Neptune, ruler of the seas,
To whom all who sail upon your domain must please,
We ask you take unto your records and graciousness,
This ship and her mariners who will serve thee best.

We call upon your majesty and court,
Bestow us thy privileges for those afloat,
We promise to obey your laws of the sea,
And bow penitent to thy arm and trident of thee.

To you, Aeolus,
Who commands the winds true,
We beseech thee for fair zephyrs,
Under thy skies of blue.

And your brothers who breathe,
The winds from North, South, West, and East,
We pay homage so that they,
Fill our sails on every point they may lay.

Alas, we submit to Poseidon this supplication,
Along with the obligatory ceremonial libation,
We implore you accept into your realm,
This worthy vessel, whose name lies athwart her helm.

Be it known, by one and to all,
In Dana Point, her port of call,
This vessel from this day forward,
Will be hailed and known as “Paulina”.

Friends attending commissioning

Friends and family attending the dedication.