Depth sounder installed in sailboat

I picked up this simple, but elegant, little depth sounder off a clearance rack at Boater's World

Location in cockpit for depth sounder

Installation was a snap once I installed the second electrical service panel

The basic steps were:
  • Drill a 2.125" hole with a hole-saw (fiberglass will dull it quickly)
  • Wire the 12 VDC power to the electrical panel
  • Mount the transducer

Note: I installed the transducer just to the starboard of the keel trunk using a ball of wax from a toilet ring (new wax, mind you!). A transom mount would look sloppy, a wet pool messy, and epoxy too permanent. The wax works great. Just massage it until you're sure all the air pockets are out. You want transducer, wax, hull, and water with NO air in between any of it. See below.

Transducer mounted in wax